Cosmic Oracle

Randomly assigns everyday tasks to friends and family

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Congratulations @christophrumpel & team! 🎈 Are there plans to provide Cosmic Oracle on other platforms besides iOS going forward? And can friends who don't have smartphones join a group as well?
@allanberger @christophrumpel Hi Allan, great question, thanks! Actually, we're currently working on an android version of the app. Stay tuned! Regarding your second question: Yes you can add these friends as 'dummy users'. They still participate in the draws but won't get notifications.
Hey @christophrumpel can you talk a bit about the technical aspects of the app? What is it built with? What was your experience while building it etc?
@__tosh Yes I can and I will :-) Thx! Cosmic Oracle is a Javascript/HTML App (based on Angular 1) built with Cordova/Phonegap. Our feelings about Cordova are mixed. It’s really easy to develop, test and deploy a full scale iOS app with JavaScript which is great. Platform specifics (Share, PushNotifications, …) as well as layout and style often require specific implementations for each platform, which can get annoying. Overall we are quite satisfied with the setup and our first native app.
In times of crazy signal to noise ratios it's calming to see that there are also people working on simple & helpful software for the day to day. Kudos. 👏 Can you tell us more about the 'why' and the design decisions behind Cosmic Oracle?
@__tosh Thanks you very much, we appreciate it! The 'why' is easy: We needed it for ourselves. Who should empty the dishwasher, who should bring the garbage out,.. it’s really convenient to let the cosmos decide :slightly_smiling_face: So we thought if we like to use it, maybe others do so as well! We tried to keep it very simple. After setting it up the process of a new draw should be really straight forward. We will write a blog post where we talk about different aspects of the app and will post it here!