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Tony SpiroMaker@tonyspiro · CEO & Co-Founder, Cosmic JS
Hello! Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that can be used to power the content for any website or application. Here’s the back-story: A couple years ago, while building websites and apps with an installed CMS I noticed I was repeating the same processes for every project. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to save some development time and keep my content in the cloud?”, “Then I could just plug the content into my application. And as a bonus, I could build my application in whatever language I wanted.” And the idea for Cosmic JS was born! Shortly after setting out to build my dream CMS, I ran into other people who shared my same problem. So I invited some folks to join me on the journey and opened up the platform for select users. To make sure everything was intuitive on the editor / project manager side, I enlisted the help of a long-time colleague and interactive agency pro, Carson Gibbons as a co-founder. For the last few months, Cosmic JS has been in private beta as we were using it for personal projects, gathering feedback from users, doing bug fixes and trying to satisfy some basic feature requests. In that time we’ve had over 1,200 users sign up from all over the world who have provided excellent feedback. These users were so excited about the platform that they started using it in production. Starting today Cosmic JS is officially in public beta. I’m really excited to share it with you and we would love for you to check it out, sign up and enjoy the freedom of content in the cloud. Oh and another thing. Follow the “Get It” link above and get $20 credit toward your account. Consider it a thank you from us for all of the generous support and feedback. Cheers! Tony Founder, Cosmic JS
Saevant@saevant · Interactive Developer
lookin good
Tony SpiroMaker@tonyspiro · CEO & Co-Founder, Cosmic JS
@saevant thanks B!
Tony SpiroMaker@tonyspiro · CEO & Co-Founder, Cosmic JS
Also we have example applications that you can deploy in just a couple minutes and are fully editable within the CMS: Some quick links: http://future-imperfect.cosmicap...
Carson GibbonsMaker@carson_gibbons
@tonyspiro I used the Future Imperfect application to launch - installing the app, deploying it, uploading content and affixing my custom domain took all of about 3 minutes. Awesome work here, glad to be on board!
Tony SpiroMaker@tonyspiro · CEO & Co-Founder, Cosmic JS
@carsoncgibbons and of course my blog ( is powered by Cosmic JS as well :)
Carson GibbonsMaker@carson_gibbons
Really intuitive API-first CMS that really consolidates your content management stack. Read about The Cosmic Stack at