Create your own ambient soundscapes to relax & focus 🎡😌

Cosm lets you quickly and easily create your own ambient soundscape to relax and refocus. People are using Cosm to help with reducing stress, anxiety, improving concentration, falling asleep and reflecting on thoughts and emotions.
We believe that the process of music creation is a rich and rewarding experience with a positive impact on the mind. It's normally only a limited few that are able to practice it, but advances in smartphone technology mean it's possible to build tools that give interactive audio experiences for any skill level. Sound has several properties making ideal as a medium for exploring mental health. It is capable of representing complex thoughts and emotions and it is intimately connected to your body through vibrations. Cosm has been designed as a tool for all ages to improve mood, improve focus or practice mindfulness and meditation. By increasing confidence through self-expression, we can deliver innovative mental health support to the people who need it the most. Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised at how relaxed it makes you feel :)
This looks delightful!
Will test it tonight while coding. Looks promising! Have a good day guys.
@michael_andreuzza Let me know how you get on!
Hey @alexxfoxxuk I was about to test it, but when was skimming today i did not saw it was just for apple. Will try soon as i can and give you feeedback Have a good one mate
Tried it with yoga, very cool music app!
@franceshale321 awesome! Glad to hear it worked!
@franceshale321 How did you find the experience paired with yoga?