Find out what people think about you

Cosight is the place to find out what people really think about you.
We all have blindspots - but now it's easy to see what they are!

😎 Discover where you're doing great
πŸ”¨ And where you can improve
πŸ“ˆ Then track your changes over time
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I'm very curious to read the answers to this but slightly nervous about what I might learn. πŸ˜…
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@awt FYI, the share URLs could use a share image so it looks better when posted on Facebook, Messenger, etc.
@rrhoover thanks for the tip. I'll work on that!
Hey PH - Started Cosight because I was shocked to find out that a couple people I was very close to viewed my behavior MUCH differently than I did! The goal is for anyone to easily get feedback from their friends or coworkers and see where those blindspots are. Working to add more tools to track and improve behavior as well. Love to hear what you think!
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You can see how the feedback process works without logging in -
If you could get 100% candid answers from your friends/coworkers, what would you ask?
What is my superpower?
Where is my biggest improvement opportunity?
Would you hire me?
Something else? Please share it below πŸ‘‡πŸ½
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How do you go about optimizing for (brutally) honest feedback from friends/coworkers? Seems like a particularly tough nut to crack. But interesting!
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@ramtin_n probably going to take some iteration tbh! Ratings and referrals on LinkedIn are pretty much useless because anyone can give them. So first off, trying to make sure the feedback comes from people who are qualified to give it. And second, trying to start and maintain a positive mindset for the product and encourage people to focus on being helpful not hurtful.
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Love this @awt! Just need to take steps to ensure it doesn't end up with the same ailments that led to the downfall of Formspring
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@charlie_bullock thanks for the nice words! I'm not familiar with Formspring...what led to it's downfall??