Coruscant Pulse - 17: Favorite Imperial Characters!

The team discuss their favorite Imperial Characters!

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Chris 'Tye' Tyburski@cmt_tye · Senior Marketing Consultant
Always a good listen. Looking forward to this one.
James MazzaMaker@james_mazza22 · Co-Founder @TheNewsUnspun
@cmt_tye Thanks! Hope you enjoy this one! :D
Joey Cofone@joeycofone · Co-founder, Baron Fig
This is an especially fun one. Nice work guys.
James MazzaMaker@james_mazza22 · Co-Founder @TheNewsUnspun
1st in a series! The Coruscant Pulse will be doing a series taking a look at characters whose stories are now a part of legends only. David takes a look at the character of Maximilian Veers, James goes through a trio of Imperial Admirals including Gilad Pellaeon, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Daala. Tom then takes us out with a discussion of the character of Carnor Jax. Thanks for listening and we hope that you enjoy this episode!
James MazzaMaker@james_mazza22 · Co-Founder @TheNewsUnspun
Thanks! Not as good as when we interviewed you though! ;)