Corus 2.0

A market for survey data and research insights

Corus answers your toughest business questions.
DATA - collaborate with your team (and clients) to collect feedback from customers or poll 80 million people in 135 countries on-demand
REPORTS - search a growing library of reports (or post your own for sale)
ANALYSTS - hire an expert to help you find insights (or sign-up as an expert)
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56 Reviews5.0/5
Insanely extensive set of tools - very useful and rapid once you spend some time in it. Thank you!
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@artur_obrzut Really appreciate the feedback - there are a lot of features, but we've worked really hard to make it easy to use for any level of user.
Super user friendly 😺 , really great interface, love that it's free to sign up for everyone
@drew_chambers1 Thanks for pointing that out - we ran out of characters in the description. But yes, free for a team of ANY size to use. And if you email I'll add $100 to a new organization towards respondents if you reference Product Hunt.

Really awesome support


It is so easy to use and can help any business.



Unbelievably easy to use for an entire team - makes it possible for an entire company to have access to insights that they need.

Very insightful


Love it



Thank you so much for the comments. As you know the space so well, it means a lot to us that you appreciate what we're doing!