Cortex Desktop 1.0

A browser built for smarter work

Cortex is a browser built for smarter work. Designed based upon the way humans actually work, Cortex replaces tabs with tasks. Users simply start a new task and add tags as they work. Get what you need done and log off -- no distractions. Download now for Mac!
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Hey PH! Dylan, founder of Stecknologies(makers of Cortex), here. I'm a seventeen year old founder and high school student trying to change the way we work. Cortex rethinks productivity by putting the myth of being able to multitask to rest. Humans are innately bad at multitasking, yet new products say they're enhancing workflows. Even the browser, a tool universally known for its multiplicity of tabs, forces us to jump from item to item. Cortex lets users focus on their work. In addition, as users work, they tag their tasks, so content is always easy to find. After 1.5+ years of R&D, one whitepaper, and 5 months of development later, version 1.0 is finally out for Mac(Windows and Linux coming very soon!). Please check it out and let me know what you think!