Microsoft's Cortana now on iOS and Android

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US and China only. @rrhoover maybe something to consider for PH - tag a product to specific areas when the release is limited. I see this a lot with apps being US only, or services being available only in certain cities.
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@jameskoole @rrhoover I +1 this thought. I personally hate when i come to know after clicking get it button.
@jameskoole agreed a geo flag would be awesome as I recall conversation threads with makers trying to explain the SMS feature could only work in X country or their tax platform only supported banks from X country
+1@vadivelk happens to me every day in Australia. A good idea. Would also love PH to scan for dead products. I'm searching for tools & surprised at the no of 404 links I'm finding 😟 @rrhoover pretty please?
Cortona is really powerful - I did a test with Cortona, Siri and Shazam. I played different songs and tested to see who picked the song correctly. While my test had no statistical relevance, Cortana outperformed. It is great to see Cortona as an app instead of just a feature on a Windows mobile phone.
Microsoft's answer to Siri and Alexa, Cortana, is now available to download on iOS. Interesting to continue to see Microsoft bring all their apps out across platforms but wether this will tempt people away from Siri remains to be seen....
MS is supporting the NORAD Tracks Santa with support within Cortana. Ask Cortana where Santa is.
In my opinion, It's the best one! :)