Corrello gives Scrum and Kanban teams the charts and analysis their Trello boards are missing right now. Cumulative flow diagrams, cycle time and release forecasts let you focus your team on delivering value to your customers again and again.

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I'm founder/maker/chief-coffee-drinker @ Corrello. I left a full time job at the end of last year and after spending a few weeks with my first child when she was born in January I've been looking to build my own products. After a conversation with a friend who runs a content marketing agency about some of the tech issues he was facing I came up with the idea for Corrello. A large number of his top issues were down to getting data out of Trello. For example he was losing upwards of 2 hours a week looking between each of their boards (one per client) making sure everything was on time, nothing had got stuck and no one had added a comment without @mentioning the person required to move the card on. I originally built a prototype to show him but since that first week I've had something live and I've been working with a few early customers to get the initial feature set right. Today I'm launching v1 of Corrello, I'm really excited to be on PH to get your feedback and thoughts on the product. Ask me anything, I'll be here all day (except possibly my daughter's bath time). tl;dr Hi I'm Robin (maker of Corrello and children) AMA
@robinwarren well done dad, well done. The onboarding is a little steep, a little too much questions before I'm connecting Trello, and it could be made more 'fun'. And I'm curious if I will come back to the dashboard. But I'm sure it can be helpful to check out your teams activity. Have you considered time tracking? So tracking the time something is in 'in progress', like Punchtime ( and other tracking software is doing. I think this could be your reengagement mechanism, so why people come back to the dashboard.
@milann Thanks! The onboarding is something I want to work on tbh but I ran out of time to make it really nice. I'll come back to that in the next month I think. I may add time tracking, although when I looked around it seemed there were a lot of good options for that already. I'll have to see what Corrello users are asking for and if I should build it myself or maybe integrate with another provider.
I like the approach you took! Are you worried about building a product on another's? Do you feel like it ties your fate to something you can't control? Do you have plans to support other task-tracking applications (Asana, Basecamp, etc...)?
@toobulkeh Hi Dan. That is a question I thought about a fair bit so sorry for the long reply ;). Joel Spolsky (who originally launched Trello) himself once referred to this model as "snatching coins from in front of a steam roller" or something like that. There is certainly a risk to this kind of approach that at any time your main features could be replicated by the platform you're building on or terms of access may change. I took the opposite opinion though, that the benefits outweighed the risks. I think Joels comments were perhaps from a time before the rise of so many platforms powered by APIs and their developer ecosystems. Building Corrello on Trello gave me access to a large user base (5M as of last autumn) and one which is growing. Check out google trends for asana, basecamp and Trello Not directly linked to their user numbers but Trello looks to be exploding in terms of awareness. I believe there are a large amount of people out there who were previously managing projects in excel or on post it notes. Trello has pulled those projects into the cloud and put a decent API on them. That's a whole lot of projects which were previously stuck to peoples desktops (literally in some cases) which are now accessible via an API. I saw a huge opportunity to build plugins to Trello for people who are only just starting to benefit from using project management software. Corrello is one way of going about that, I suspect there will be plenty more once people start looking. As for supporting Asana, basecamp etc. I may do... It depends if I get enough people asking for it tbh but I've no plans in the short term. Partly based on the reasoning above, I also think Trello is where the opportunities are at them moment for solo bootstrapped founders like me. Other tools have more plugins already and I don't believe they have that audience who are just now starting to use these sot of tools, primarily because Trello is free.
This looks great, @robinwarren! Not knowing these kinds of stats about our Trello boards definitely makes keeping the team in sync harder. Can't wait to give this a try!
@chris_hendel Thanks Chris, people I've talked to who like Corrello were either spending a lot of time finding these stats for themselves or were concerned they didn't know them. I think it's a real problem for teams who've adopted Trello but then find they've got too much invested in it and don't have an easy way to find these important things out.
@chris_hendel Looks great. Well done, @robinwarren! We're trying to solve a similar problem in a different way with HeyUpdate ( How do you handle the fact there isn't one single Trello workflow and everyone uses it slightly differently?
Hi @tompedals HeyUpdate looks like a nice simple way to keep teams (I'm guessing especially remote teams) on the same page, nice work! Re: different workflows, I let people chose the lists they want to report on from the boards they include in each dashboard. I put those lists into two groups 'In Progress' and 'Done' which seems to map well enough to how people use Trello. Again, they choose which lists go into which groups. I considered more flexibility than that but this seemed to work well for my early users. I may include an advanced mode in future to add some additional flexibility in. I also considered trying to work out which lists to put in which groups myself based on some analysis of cards behaviour on the boards. That sadly got filed under 'interesting technical challenges no one is interested in paying me to solve' ;)
@robinwarren I can see that working well. Thanks for explaining.
This sounds helpful for some cases. I use it to keep track of my marketing task for the month so everything is in the same board. But the developers at my company are using several ones mainly because we have two products. I'll tell them about it to see what they think about Corrello (nice name choice by the way!)
@thibautdavoult Thanks! You don't want to know what I was going to call it. Luckily my wife intervened before I bought a domain!
This is a great way to make a an efficient product even more efficient. Good job.