The link between habits and mood

Correl shows you link between your habits and your mood.
It's a lot easier to stick with your goals when you can see how they connect to your feelings. Use data to build better habits!
1. Track your habits
2. Record your feelings
3. Discover the correlation
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Hey PH- I made Correl for myself after years of struggling to start good habits. After awhile I realized I'd used the app every day for over four months. That seemed like a good time to share it with others!
Also, I'm really excited about all the things on the roadmap! But if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know - it will really help prioritize!
I've got so many requests for iOS - it's in development! Hoping to launch in a few weeks. Until then, please try installing directly from Safari by 'Adding to Home Screen'. That will install a fully-functional mobile app.
Congrats on the launch, this looks very neat
@onmyway133 Thanks so much - really appreciate that!
Nice app, clean and easy. Congrats. Some suggestions: I don't think that "Goals" are the best word for tracking, because I'd like to track negative things too, like "headache" or "not exercise". It would be nice how this negative actions could affect my mood. Maybe "actions" is a better word, or I didn't understand the concept correctly. Another thing is it would be nice if I could change the mood during the day. It would be an information interesting to correlate actions/goals with mood. They way it is now there is inly mood -> goals. Congrats again, I will keep using it.
@gugpn thanks for the nice words and your suggestions! I am definitely thinking about changing mood throughout the day - that would be really cool. Thanks again and let me know what you think as you use it!
Simple and clean UI, nice work :) Few annotated comments here for you too with regards to your landing page incase its useful to you! -
@tom4 Thank you! I will check out your feedback. Thanks for taking the time
@tom4 and Bubbles looks pretty cool, i'll check it out also!!
@tom4 this was great feedback...several have mentioned about the social proof so will add that in soon