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Correctera is an on-demand correction service for business clients who need constant help with text editing.

One of the editors will start working on your text within a few minutes of submission. Then a second proofreader will check it to control quality.

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Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Could this be used for writing blogs or to check plagiarism? Any free version?
Meri Voronov
Meri VoronovMaker@merivoronov
@ayush_chandra thanks! We can check your blog post if you want. There is no «free» options.
Miguel H Gonzalez
Miguel H Gonzalez@miggon · Strategy Director at Critical Mass
Website is offline. Today is Sat, Sep 15, 2018. What's happening?
Angelo Embuldeniya
Angelo Embuldeniya@angeloe · Cofounder, Recruiter + Product Guy.
@miggon is right @merivoronov #correctera is not around anymore?
Meri Voronov
Meri VoronovMaker@merivoronov
Hello product hunters. Thanks for your help @riaface! Let me share a story behind Correctera, an on-demand correction service for business clients who need constant help with text editing. My sister worked for a company that closed a few months ago. Nadya and 5 of her colleagues lost their jobs. They are super professional editors. They all have bachelor degrees in linguistics and profound experience in editing. As an entrepreneur, I decided to find a way to help them. The idea was to create a proofreading service with on-demand text checking by professionals for business clients. I contacted a few marketing companies which produce a lot of content for clients on a daily basis and some of them became our clients a few weeks later. We check blog posts, social posts, magazine articles, proposals, etc. Since the beginning, our editors have completed 120 orders for 25 clients. To provide quality we focus on two things: — we allocate two editors for each job; — we work with business clients only. Thanks. We would love to hear your feedback.
Peter Bauer
Peter Bauer@peter_bauer
I use grammarly
Meri Voronov
Meri VoronovMaker@merivoronov
@peter_bauer and it does the job but not what we offer.
Hasan Liou
Hasan Liou@hasan_liou · Social Media Intern, LawDecoder
This seems like an intuitive and incredibly robust service! However, I oftentimes find myself struggling with stylistic choices much more than the actual mechanics of writing. My understanding is that applications like Grammarly, though not always perfect, do a decent job catching little mistakes like punctuation and grammar. Does your service offer anything beyond fixing these types of errors, perhaps some comments and suggestions for the rhetoric?
Meri Voronov
Meri VoronovMaker@merivoronov
@hasan_liou that's right, we do offer suggestions.