Curate, take notes and share your reading list

Corpus is a minimal shared reading list. Simply paste a link and hit enter to curate. Add links to private or public lists and share with colleagues, friends and family.
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Hey Hunters! Been a while since I worked on quick side-project. Corpus is a uber-minimal shared reading list. Mostly wanted to use it with friends and colleagues. Figured I'd turn it into a mini-project while I'm at it. 1/ Create a public or private list 2/ Curate links and add notes 3/ Share Would love to hear what you think; happy to build out more features if enough people suggest it! :) Cheers!✌️
Can't edit the curated links?
@stowe_boyd Hmm figured SEO titles work 99% of the time; will add an edit feature down the line though :)
Can i import / sync my links in Instapaper / Pocket into / with Corpus's list?