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LOL! I got "proactively conceptualize holistic solutions"
@bentossell rapidiously reconceptualize low-risk high-yield "outside the box" thinking --> must read:
@bentossell This is hilarious😂 I have full confidence someone will actually use this tool at work. "Proactively integrate market-driven leadership."
@toria_talk that's so hilariously good I almost hit Tweet!
I wrote an article on the Product Hunt Medium 🙄 Say These 15 Things To Succeed In Business
@nivo0o0 This photo says it all if I want to succeed. I'm smart. I'm Loyal.
I want to make a whole trap album written with these
My new tag line! "quickly right-shore reliable collaboration and idea-sharing"
Great work 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼