Corpa 3.0

Build & automate workflows on mobile with zero coding.

Corpa is a mobile native collaboration platform where you can build and automate workflow apps, reports and dashboards without any coding. For example build apps for invoicing or recruiting or inventory in minutes via our intuitive drag and drop.

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This seems really powerful, is there any true limitations to what type of workflow you can build with it?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron. Thanks for checking out Corpa. Not really when it comes to workflows. I guess imagination :). Having said that the limitation we have is on the UI side a little bit which is after you have built the workflow. Things like if you wanted a special type of UI as a retailer or restaurant for data entry after you have built your apps. We are looking to solve that in the near future with customizable UI for data entry.
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!! I guess next IFTT
Thanks @ayush_chandra 🙏. We have an automation module integrated within Corpa that makes it super easy to automate any app to take certain actions based certain triggers and conditions (IFTT). What we need to do in the future is trigger stuff outside with other tools and let other tools trigger stuff inside the Corpa domain. We do have an API right now that you can use to do that but we can certainly do better. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hello Makers! I wanted to share with you all that if you want to build and automate your own workflows (which needs a paid plan) please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help you upgrade to a Monthly plan and give you first 3 months free. 😊 Do check out Corpa Store which has free prebuilt workflows that we built and integrated with the help from industry experts. They are a great way to get started and of course you can always edit them. Also check out other integrated features like reporting, dashboards, task management and comms - all in one app. More on that at And if you have any questions about Corpa let’s know. 🙏
How is this different from Workflow may I ask?
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Hi Alan. That’s a great question. Let me try to answer it as briefly as I can. Workflow is mainly at IFTT tool that automates certain tasks based on external apps. It’s not a database or doesn’t have data types to store data. It simply executes a command based on the automation flow you created. With Siri shortcuts (which underneath is workflow as Apple acquired them) it’s the same. Corpa on the other hand is a completely different beast with a very different purpose. It’s a mobile platform for teams where they can: 1. Build any business application like an invoice app to create invoices or a product catalog app to create a list of products. 2. Integrate multiple apps to build more complex processes/workflows like ERP, CRM, HRM etc. Each app is like a mini database or a system of record (common term used in enterprise) where you can capture and store data based on different data types like text, numbers, files, images, calculation, category and more. 3. Automate workflow apps to execute automatic actions like if the invoice is categorized as “PAID” execute X, Y & Z actions (here is where it sounds like workflow). 4. Aggregate data from the apps to build reports (analyze data) or dashboards (visualize data). 5. Communicate and collaborate - deep integration with apps and data so you are not sending files or emails internally. Hope that answers your question.
Absolutely love this! Looks to be a great end-to-end solution for building, managing and reviewing app workflows 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thank you 🙏