Coronavirus Press Kit

Browse or create your own Covid-19 stock photos for free

Icons8 has produced a collection of coronavirus-related resources showing people in masks, medical contexts and more. Use them as they are, or create your own with our photo creator. Free for those covering Covid-19 or purchase with 100% of proceeds donated.
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In light of the current pandemic we would love to support the efforts being made all across the world. We have created a set of coronavirus media that is free to use if you are covering the pandemic, or if you purchase it, 100% of the proceeds with be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. It was an interesting challenge to create these images after closing our studio to isolate. For the past few years we have been developing a photography platform where anyone can build the perfect photo, without needing a studio or access to models. Now is the right time to put it to use. We tasked our remote designers to create images from home, using our photo creator and the tens of thousands of transparent studio images we have taken. The images are compositions, so you can easily position elements to precisely tell your story. For the images we focused on: - Using masks - Feeling unwell - Doing medical testing Giveaway! We would love to see others create helpful Coronavirus images with the photo creator and share them with the community! We will give away two Icons8 Pro licenses to the best creations, share yours in the comments here or on twitter with the image link so we can find it. 🙂
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Handy collection for content makers and social media, Photo Creator really saves the game in the lockdown conditions. Great job, guys!
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Awesome pics. Nicely done!
While not exactly buzzword filled– the act of combining models, environments, and objects form the basis of practical generative media. Even a small set of consistent images can produce thousands of high-quality identifiable contexts. Noting the significant increase in worldwide demand for imagery we are pushing even harder to make composable photography faster and more natural. The current pandemic has highlighted the fragility of in-person image production and we were fortunate to be in a position to help! I would love to know how you think photography will adapt in the near future.
Perfect like always !! I'll put it in the brand new category of Undesign:
@sandochee you're our hero! As always.