Watch YouTube in picture-in-picture on iPad

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So annoying that YouTube doesn't let you do this already! Last week there was also YouTube Picture in Picturemade by @pommalicious as a Chrome Extension :)
@bentossell true! Anyone from the YouTube product team on PH with an ETA for this? :)
@pieterpaul @bentossell I doubt YouTube will implement this anytime soon - they'll have to lose the ads and video overlays, thus revenue, if they do.
@fpocha @pieterpaul nowadays I see the ads as I see a video, same format. And I think they are pushing people to get YoutTube Red as I no longer see "Skip Ad" and sometimes have to watch up to 3 minutes!!!!
@fpocha @pieterpaul @bentossell It could be a YouTube Red feature, that's for sure. I don't enjoy paying Google $10/mo. for an app that doesn't support basic iOS 9 multitasking currently, but its offlining has been essential for my usage.