A simple, beautiful app for a new kind of Instagram layout

Cornergram is an app that allows you to edit images so that Instagram shows icons (e.g. a circle, a heart) in the profile view between the individual photos. In this way you can creatively use the otherwise useless space between the images. For this to work, you must of course apply the same symbol to several images and then upload them.

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Pro: Seems to work fine Con: The corners look absolutely horrible in every combination whatsoever
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@fabiobaser I am sorry you don't like it. Could you please be more specific about what you don't like about the corners? Thank you
This is awesome Felix! Especially the idea of it to change into different shapes. Will it be possible to create custom shapes? When will there be an iOS app?
@jl_fausto Thank you! When the user base grows a lot, chances are good there will be added more features like custom shapes. Currently I am just able to code apps for Android, which means I have no idea when there will be an iOS version.
Unique and simple idea - Normally I see a mix of rounded corners, scaled down images or weird aspect ratios in a person's feed - but this is something new - nice!
@markmiscavage Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it.
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Great Idea. Needs the option to select multiple images and crop 1:1 in one go. Right now just tedious select one image at a time.