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Corner for us is a dare.The first big thing we want to see if we can rethink the way people approach finding flights, but not for the sake of creating a fresh new UI (because that's not innovation). But actually to rethink each step of the search and booking process to make it really simple for people to quickly browse and get a view of what’s available. To make it is simple to pick a good flight (instead of looking through 1000’s of meaningless options) and then simply checking out in the app. The second big thing was to show people that there are actually lots of places to go at any time for a variety of prices. We want to reverse the whole concept of having to book travel 6 months in advance. We think people are moving a such a fast pace that they can't think about where to go for Christmas in June. That's why Corner starts off by asking people about where they want to go, if they're sure great,if not, even better. Travel services, in general, tend to over-blow what they do and how magnificent their features are, we just want to make it really easy for people and get out of the way. This is definitely a different approach to marketing but we hope enough people will see the benefits and start using Corner for all their trips. Corner is custom built from the ground up, we have linked up directly with two of the biggest GDS systems to power our explore and search features and the actual flight booking is done by Expedia. You never leave or redirect from Corner. We are not focusing on adding a lot of travel agents but will be adding direct integrations with airlines throughout this year. We are eager to hear what people think and happy to answer any questions about the app or how we built it. And check out our intro video
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One of the best and unique flight booking apps ever.
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@sbkwsk thanks, that means a lot.
Guys, we have been struggling a lot with "how to sell flight tickets on mobile" at GoEuro, and you just nailed it from the very beginning. It's bright (in every way), encompass all the needs of the users, who are now waiting more from travel apps and startups than just finding good fares and have the ticket in their iOS passport. The potential in this app, for every transportation mode, is huge. Hope we'll meet soon enough.
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@sylvainmaretto Thanks for the comment:) lets link up on twitter and linkedin. If your in the states at some point, lets have coffee.
Love the UI. This is a game changer and I will use it a lot. Thanks!
@madebyues This means a lot, thanks! if you have any ideas for us, feel free to DM me
Man, I thought Hopper was good but this just took travel to another level!
@ekryski Thanks it really means a lot!
@ekryski how's it compare to hopper?
@_jacksmith They both have pretty much the same awesome interface for showing how expensive your flight can be depending on location, departure, and arrival but Corner gives you more initial starting options/contexts. Like finding flights by weather. It also seems to do a better job of best match, taking into account delays, prices, layovers than hopper does. So far really impressed! I haven't booked anything through it yet so can't compare there. @artom57: Two things I think would be sweet are: 1) In the initial onboarding example detect the users location rather than defaulting to Toronto (at least that's what mine was). I get maybe not wanting to ask for location privileges up front though if that was the reason for not doing this. 2) If you could have delays (or even potential delays based on weather) factor in to flight times that would be amazing. Especially for short notice flights.
@ekryski thanks for the comments. 1) Yes, we decided not to ask for location privileges initially because we found people get frustrated, when they get asked their location right after downloading the app. I think this frustration isn't really connected to Corner, but more to the fact that so many apps ask for location permission when they don't actually need it. We are thinking of adding it as an option during the onboarding, but not mandatory. 2) We've been exploring this, the hardest thing to do is to find a good data source. Do you know anyone good?
@ekryski I don't really care as much about weather. A key feature of hopper that I like is that it can monitor the price of tickets over time and send you a notification when the price drops. I'll check this out though