Turn any bottle into a speaker.

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Great idea, but it will be a reason for millions of music lovers to argue about which bottle sounds better :D
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Thanks Kevin!! for hunting Cork :-) Hey PH!! YT here; an industrial designer behind the birth of Cork. Addressing the compromises that micro speakers make on sound quality to enhance portability; Cork utilizes bottles as cabinet boxes to amplify the tunes. Designed with an idea to converge lifestyle and environmental consciousness, it gives second lives to bottles while enriching lifestyles of users with new ways to enjoy music. Inspired by wine Corks, curvature and shape of Cork complements the look of bottles. Cork doesn’t feel out of place on any bottle and enhances digital experience in convergence with analogue bottles. We are ready to deliver Corks to each and every backers by this Christmas :-) If you have any questions, suggestions or feedbacks, I would love to hear them!!!
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Cork is a micro Bluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality by upcycling a used bottle. Delivering a deep, rich sound that varies depending on the bottle you choose to upcycle, Cork is small enough to fit easily in a pocket or handbag to take with you anywhere. Simply sync and play music via Bluetooth. It’s fun to experiment and enjoy; different bottles deliver different depths and amplification of sound.
What a Rad product! Picnics just got way awesomer!
Great job guys!! I am one of those guys that put phones in the vase to amplify sound. Keep it up!!