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David Ryan
@davedri · Founded Corilla. Red Hat & NUMA alumnus.
Thanks for the hunt @stringstory and hello everyone! Both @nathan404 and myself will be here all day to answer any questions. Corilla is the product of an active community of technical writers and developers, so we're excited to hear your feedback and learn how we can get better, together. I can also speak a little to the history of Corilla and what inspir… See more
Suzanne Nguyen
@stringstory · A curious geek of the future
Hey David and Nathan, This quote really grabbed my attention - "Corilla is the new technical writing." My question is how and who are you delivering technical writing to?
Looks really great! Who would you say your biggest competitors are?
Sarah Chambers
@sarahleeyoga · kayako, customer support evangelist
Congrats on the hunt! How do you see this integrating with other Help Center software and supporting support teams who rely on great documentation?
Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Technical writing, especially as a designer has been a tough one to deal with. At my last job, we used Confluence for internal docs and published a static site from GitHub for external docs. That was just for the design + product + engineering teams. We also had dedicated technical writers, technical sales people, etc. They had their own set of tools. One p… See more