Corgi Splash

Gift your friends & loved ones with adorable corgis via text

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When I saw Goat Attack launch the other night I got extremely excited. I've been toying a lot with 'disposable products' in the past couple months, building simple apps that serve a single purpose, coming into a user's life very quickly and leaving just as fast. I wanted to build something very similar but more 'cute' - something you could send your mum or boy/girlfriend. Corgis are the cutest thing in the world, so it wasn't a hard decision. I actually built the product in several hours live on twitter, publicly sharing the building flow, costs, etc. (~$50). I hope you love it Product Hunters!
Bryce, can you make a "Corgi morning" feature where you send YOURSELF a cute corgi to cheer yourself up in the mornings? :D Like "Coffee and Corgis" or something. :P
@kikischirr Haha was thinking about a Corgi A Day option too! Corgis make everything better ❤️