Online brand book mindset tool for brand creators πŸ’Ž

#3 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2020
Empowering brand creators at the core and raising identity style guide consistency as a result for brands.
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Updated: 16.03.2020. 😷 Given the circumstances, our team is launching a support program for NGOs, educational institutions, and early-stage startups to help them overcome these economically hard times while raising a branding role with a 50% β€” 90% discount for Corebook subscription. You got to look on the bright side, even if there ain't one. Brands have the power to influence the world especially times like these when human core values are challenged. Time to focus on online communication! Everyone is online today and branding will play an even more crucial role in business success therefore brand consistency is essential. If you can, in any way, please pass on this information to those brands whose businesses are affected most from the #covid_19 outbreak and DM for a quote: ________________________________ πŸ‘‹ Hello from planet Corebook! Thank you all for your upvotes! We really appreciate that. After 500+ tasks and bugs in our task management app, 6 months of sleepless nights and a couple of successful pilot projects β€” Corebook is now available for public beta. It's official now.
By using this online brand book mindset tool, designers and brand managers without direct IT resources doesn't have the struggle to create, maintain and organize their brand guidelines and assets, saving time and money for better marketing results. We would be happy to know your thoughts on the product. Feedback in this stage is more than welcome. Shout-out to my co-makers: @maksims_kus @aigars_aboltins1
hello: is there a problem with corebook on google chrome? i can't get the website to load.
@nono_ruiz Hi! There should be no such problem and you're the first to report something like that. Can you please provide more info about the problem? (OS, screenshots) and send it to us: hello at and I'll be happy to assist you.
Great design and lot of work have been done, but missing more informations. The approach is too complicated and need more clarifications.
@the_outsider Thanks for your feedback! We’re always looking for ways to improve Corebook for our community. πŸ’Ž Simply hit the reply button and tell us more in detail what is missing in your opinion β€” we're listening.
@janis_verzemnieks sure it's not clear what your project is about I've sent sometimes on it and to be honest I still can't figure what is it about 😬
@the_outsider It can certainly feel that way for some because as a B2B product it is for specific businesses who have strong branding tactics in their business model therefore they need to ensure brand consistency. This is a tool to replace PDF brand book format with an online link and interactive modules to work more efficiently with branding guidelines across all marketing materials, touchpoints, employees, partners, etc.