Effective 15-minute core workouts on your iPhone

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Thank you for hunting us @robjama! We're pumped to finally launch Core15! It's an iPhone/iPad app that has effective 15-minute core workouts. We created this app because we always wanted great core exercises that are more than just sit-ups. We worked with our trainers to create fun and challenging workouts anyone can do with just a mat 💪. To see our exercises, visit this link: To celebrate the launch, the app is 66% off all week. Let us know what you think! Here's some promo codes for the community: - LYXMTN6WY9KA - NWPLKKT396XK - 3J4RFH3T3JPP - 6YT9PWRW9REX - TR97PRHAN79R
Clean and beautiful design. Gorgeous app!
@jonathanstark Thanks for the feedback!
@jonathanstark thank you very much! We hope you enjoy the workouts.
Just heard you guys on The App Guy Podcast. Good luck with the launch. I'll check it out after work. Anything is worth a try at this point to get me motivated...especially with holidays looming! Looks like it's simple and well designed. Looking at creating a tvOS version?
@jlittmanmd Thanks Jordan! Thats why we wanted to release it this season. Let's break the holiday fitness lull. Let us know what you think of the workouts after work. tvOS is in the works. We've enjoyed designing/developing for iOS so TV is already getting us excited.
Hello! I built this app with @feifanw to inspire some self-motivation before my wedding. 15 minutes of core workouts a day to fit into a slimmer suit? Get it! And I’ve been feeling an incredible energy boost with these exercises that’s been keeping me in a good mood. It made me a more tolerable fiancee for my lady and co-founder to Fei. We hope you enjoy the workouts! I still need to improve my form but I’m getting better: That burn in your mid-section is courtesy of our badass trainers Hanna and Darrin Domingo of Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback about the app :)