One tap voice chat

Cord was an incredibly simple way to send voice messages on smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Within a few months, Cord was installed by over 1M people around the world. In 2016, Cord was acquired by Spotify and the product was sunset. At Spotify, the Cord team founded a new group focused on exploring new ways we interact with audio.

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Hey everyone. Co-founder and Designer of Cord here. Super excited to hear what everyone thinks. Hope you like it!
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Really love the simplicity of it!
So proud of being involved here! Feel like I will look back at this in 3 yrs and say "YUP, I fucking KNEW IT"
More apps are consolidating social interactions down to a single tap (or hold). Taptalk and Blab are a few of the more well known (in the startup world) but audio-focused Waved and ChiChat are more similar to Cord. Downloading it now.
Hmm. Not for me. Only because the reason I don't like talking on the phone is because the talking aspect is usually disruptive to my environment. @baxterjeff, what is different about Cord than the ones that @rrhoover mentioned? Also, this is what I thought of when I watched the video. :)
@McCroden Talking certainly isn't best for every situation. But of course neither is texting, so we think there's space to fill here. Haven't spent a ton of time with either of these as we've been pretty heads down over here. But the first thing that stands out to me is a time limit. The worst part of voice mail is long droning messages. We're trying hard to steer voice messaging away from that. We're also thinking about the one to many message, once you collect a few contacts on Cord, you'll notice you can send to one, some, or all of them. But I think we've all hit on the idea that simple one tap/hold interactions can work incredibly well for audio. (and in the case of Taptalk or Blab photos and video) Ah, good old Nextel!
@baxterjeff Very good. Yeah, I definitely agree that you need to have a limit. Good luck!