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Your sample content about Fritz Haber is a bit of a downer... I would recommend something a bit more uplifting to entice people to sign up.
@joostschuur Thanks for pointing it out. Really appreciate it. That makes sense. Will discuss it with the team!
Hey product hunters, thanks for checking out our new product, Corbie. We've been building it for the past couple months, and we're excited to share it with the world. Corbie was created out of a need and desire for personal growth, and for valuable and convenient learning. We always believed being a lifelong learner was important. Yet, perhaps you’ve also found that until know it’s hard to know where to start, stay consistent, and learn in a fun and effective way. Corbie is designed to solve all of this. It helps you get smarter with 5-minute emails teaching you about arts, history, and science each morning. The lessons are random, so you may learn about almost everything. We think that it’s the ideal way for busy people to master being lifelong learners! We'd love for you to try Corbie out and let us know what you think.
Nice idea! You should remove the call to action on the main page and directly replace it by the email field with "subscribe" button. In the current state, your customers need to understand it's free, wonders how they'll get the daily news (email?) and you'll lost a lot of them simply because of the cta. If you replace it by the input email + submit, it will be more clear (news are sent via email) and there will be one step less, which is better for the ux. That's my two cents :)
@cx42net Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Will discuss it with the team!
Very cool, congrats on launching! I really think this is an underrated type of service to have, almost how I imagine an AI assistant operating in the future - bringing me interesting facts daily to keep me sharp.
@brendonto Thanks! Would appreciate any feedback from you after you try Corbie out.
@aaazavyalov Just finished my first email this morning (on Impressionism) and was really impressed, found it to have depth while still being bite-sized, and kept the attention of my generally distracted mind. Glad I found this!
@brendonto Thanks for your feedback! Happy to hear you enjoyed your first lesson!
Is this a copy of Highbrow has been around a while. Edit: turns out it's the same makers. Guys, why did you rebrand?
@desmondduggan2 It's not a rebranding. It's a completely new product with a different concept. Highbrow is a platform where experts can create their own bite-sized email courses. Unlike Highbrow, Corbie is a daily email newsletter which sends you random lessons on general knowledge, and content is created by our team. Hope it makes sense.