CORA for iOS

Manage your social media automatically

CORA shares your pics and messages to social networks so you don't have to.

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Cool concept, I’ve actually been looking for something like this. UI is a bit confusing though and I wish there were another way to sign in besides facebook. I rarely post on there anymore
@d_innovator Would a Twitter login work, or something more 'neutral' like a phone number login?
@paulmartens yea anything that gives me more than one way to sign up is nice. Also, I noticed Cora doesn’t have Instagram posting and I think it should. I get on pretty much all the social networks except Pinterest and tumblr and I see people posting on Instagram a lot more than they do any other social network.
@d_innovator great feedback! A little thing about Instagram: they don’t let anyone remotely post. We can set up the image for you, but we have to pop open the Instagram app for you to complete the push. Kind of defeats the purpose of our app, but if people really want it in spite of that clunky experience, we’ll totally put it in.
@paulmartens no probs! Cora’s a cool product, so I’m happy to leave feedback. But hmm I wonder how apps like Buffer and Hootsuite do it then. If thats the only way it can be implemented then I suppose it would defeat the purpose!
@paulmartens ditto. Anything other than Facebook. I’m stuck at the login screen now.
I’ve been apart of the CORA beta for a few weeks now and love it. Great work CORA team, I can’t wait to use it more!
@3raxton Thanks for the compliment! Let us know what you'd like to see next.
Absolutely breathtaking UI. Definitely one of the most beautifully designed apps of the year. Congrats!
@stevenoutloud It took me a while to find a world class designer, I think it was worth the wait!
Great job !! Absolutely loved the UI ,can we add other social platforms and slack sharing on it ?😊
@ayush_chandra Honestly, Slack sharing never crossed my mind. Great idea. We've got a few other social platforms in the pipeline, but what would you like to see?
Wow, long scroll down the page to find you in the awful app store search results! They put “Quora” and others above yours!
@jasonology the name might change for a few reasons...the “quora” confusion being one of them