Copywriting for Non-Marketers

Are you ready to make your writing persuasive?

There are so many great products coming out but it seems that a lot of people have challenges in framing the product in terms the user will understand. It is easy when you are the one building it to be focussed on features and not realize how this translates to benefits that will help the end user. The other thing I realized is that, I have been starting to write more copy recently and the comparison to all the memos and emails I was sending in the Army. I never thought about it at the time but it really was the same. I was trying to convince someone to take an action that they either didn't want to or didn't understand the reason why they should, so I saw the benefit to a greater audience.
I like these kind of guides. I haven't bought that one yet but it seems like it tackles a real pain. Maybe @robertwilliger can explain us while he decided to write this guide?
@gregoiregilbert Thank you for the hunt. I have made a special discount code for Product Hunt that will be good through the launch next Thursday.
I realized I forgot to mention before that this product was created as part of the Gumroad Small Product Lab. They provide an excellent framework and community that encourages the creation of amazing products. This is the second time I have participated and is well worth the time. If you have been thinking of a product for sometime but haven't done so you should certainly check out the next one they do.
The Product Hunt discount code will stay up until October 9th.
Just an update that product has been launched today. I am continuing the launch promos through Sunday so the discount code will be good until that time.