Frictionless sharing between devices (using your browser) helps you when you need to send a password, text snippet or file from one phone, laptop or tablet to another device in those cases your regular ways of sharing aren't available (for instance: between operating systems, someone else's computer etc)
免安裝! 讓手機電腦快速互傳密碼、文字訊息或相片影片要把手機裡的照片、影片或是任何檔案傳到電腦,除了接上 USB 傳輸線、手動複製,也能透過 網路硬碟進行雲端同步,也有聽過不少人會直接在即時通訊軟體像是 LINE、Facebook Messenger 建立私人群組,再把資料傳到自己的對話框,都能滿足傳檔到不同裝置的需求。我個人比較傾向使用 雲端硬碟 例如 iCloud 同步資料,當工作需要在不同電腦或手機進行時就能把草稿或圖片帶著走,另一方面將重要檔案保存在雲端也能確保裝置損壞或遺失時資料不會因此消失。 本文要推薦的「」是一個 協助使用者在不同裝置快速分享內容的免費工具 ,在沒有安裝任何軟體的情況下透過瀏覽器就能進行,點對點加密後可安全傳輸任何資料,而且不會保存在雲端伺服器,確保資料不會被第三方取得。 提供三種快速建立連線方式: QR Code、手動輸入代碼和利用即時通訊軟體、Email 傳送鏈結邀請對方加入 ,無論是要將手機內的資料傳到電腦,或是在兩支手機或兩台電腦之間傳送檔案都可以做到。 除了傳送相片影片或其他檔案, 特色是可以分享密碼或是一段文字內容 ,例如你的密碼保存在手機密碼管理器或是密碼產生器,但需要在公用電腦、朋友的電腦登入帳號時,就不用看著手機逐字輸入密碼(或是將密碼抄寫在紙本上),透過 將密碼傳送到電腦一次性使用,避免要一字不漏輸入密碼而造成打字錯誤必須不斷重來的問題。 用文字敘述 可能會耗費很多時間,接下來我就實際操作示範一次,大家看完教學後就會比較明白這個線上服務的用途。 STEP 1 開啟 會看到 QR Code,拿出手機、開啟相機功能,掃描 QR Code 後打開網頁就能讓電腦和手機端完成連接。 還提供不同的連接方式,假如你是要在兩台電腦之間互相傳檔或傳送文字,可以點選「 Manually 」取得鏈結和一段隨機產生的代碼,這個代碼會有個很短的可用時間,必須在時間內讓另一裝置開啟網址、輸入代碼來完成連線。 除此之外,點選「 Invite 」還能透過 WhatsApp、Telegram、Email 或產生鏈結讓其他人加入。 STEP 2 當你在手機掃描 頁面的 QR Code,開啟瀏覽器後就會建立連線,可傳送密碼、文字內容或是任何檔案,試著傳送一下密碼到電腦看看效果。 STEP 3 傳送密碼後電腦端的 會出現密碼,但一樣會以米字號處理,避免旁邊的人看到你的密碼,點選「 Copy to clipboard 」就能將密碼複製到剪貼簿使用。為了安全起見,頁面上的密碼只會暫存一分半鐘,點選 extend 可延長時間限制,或是立即將頁面上的密碼內容清除。 很貼心的功能顯示於下方的黃色框框,如果要防止密碼在複製使用後依舊留在剪貼簿(可能會被其他人拿到),可以點選「 Clear clipboard now!
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Hi Product Hunt community! The last couple of months I've been working on a small website that solves a problem I kept running into and chances are high you ran into something similar as well: not being able to easily share a password, pieces of text or file between two devices, for instance from your phone to your laptop, from your laptop to a friend's computer or between an iPhone and an Android device (you know, without the hassle of typing it character by character, the need for a USB-stick or having to install some program to connect the two). To overcome this I've created the sharing website called and I now made it available for everyone else to use. It's secure, your data isn't stored in the cloud and it's private (end-to-end encrypted, so no way for others to access your data). As long as you have a browser you're good to go! Check it out yourself. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do :)
Looks interesting! From what I can tell, the major difference between your service and Pushbullet which I use on a daily basis is that you don't store anything on the cloud insuring full privacy on files/passwords etc.. correct?
Thank you @abdulaziz_al! Yes, thats correct. Also, you only need a browser to temporarily connect the two devices, so no need to install any app or extension. This really comes in handy when you don't have full control over the second device (for instance if it belongs to a friend or colleague, or when for instance you need to do a presentation on a client's computer but you don't have a USB-stick or tech-person to help you getting the files on that computer)
Thanks @thesocialcode for making & sharing this tool and its source code! 💙I'll share this to our community page
Thank you @psdwizard! Sharing it today on your community page would be awesome! 😀Every upvote on ProductHunt from your community members will help me to spread the word! I'd love to see this service become the independent private alternative for stuff you prefer not to send through the big tech-companies and platforms (WhatsApp/Facebook, Slack, Google, iMessage etc) and hope the community will help me over time by donating to cover the operational costs!
I want an alternative for This won't work if i want to check the content later. Anyway thanks for coming up with this.
@mr_em It's indeed meant for instant sharing. The non-persistent character of the data is one of the main privacy features that avoid your data from lingering around on the internet. I am thinking about adding a `persistent` option later on that would allow data to be available for a certain self-set time (this specific features af course has some implications related to security which I'd have to solve)
@mr_em is a dead app.
Wow, Congratulations on the Launch!