Create consistent monochromatic color palettes and export them with a click. The format is in plain SVG so the Copy-Paste command works fine with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and many more!
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Hey fellow makers 👋 My name is Dimitris and I am designer/engineer with a passion to build small handy tools. 👵Story: This is a special launch for me! The core functionality of the app was built in 5 hours! However, I never officially launched this app because I was afraid that it sucks! Almost 3 months later, I compulsively posted for feedback on Reddit's UI_Design channel. The community overwhelming supported CopyPalette and within 2 days the app reached 2k hits (according to Google Analytics). The tool went viral and was posted in major design channels like DN,, Prototypr etc. Thus, I was exceedingly happy and decided to post CopyPalette on Product Hunt today. My goal is to reach 10k hits!!! 💡Idea: Every time I used to kickstart a UI design project, I had one repetitive struggle! Defining the color palette should be easy a walk in the park! However, the joy of designing was camouflaged with unlimited copy-paste commands of HEX/RGB codes. 🎨 How: CopyPalette is a handy color tool that help you create and export monochromatic color palettes in a blink The export format is SVG, therefore the copy-paste command works with all the current prototyping tools, including Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. 🔥 Features: - Fine-tune your palette by handling contrast, steps and the base(=middle) color. - Choose between 2 color palette appearances - Toggle Day/Night mode - Export in SVG format 🤖 Tech Stack: - ReactJS - Styled Components - Material UI - Netlify I'd love to hear your feedback ❤️ Enjoy designing, Dimitris
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This is an awesome idea! Definitely a tool that will come in handy in the future. Keep up the excellent work, Dimitris!
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@nikolaos_paschos Thanks a ton for your overwhelming support Nikos! It means a lot to me ❤️
Great tool!! 💯 Real time saver!!! Saw it on Reddit, loved it immediately! Thank you, Dimitris!
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@anthozoi It's awesome you liked! Hope you enjoy using it and boost your workflow 🙌
Really cool product here, ``` I can't seem to change color using its HEX code, the color pop closes on click. ```
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@samuel_ladapo Thanks a lot! I'm working on the issue, it's a really annoying bug🙄 I'll ping you here once I've fixed it
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