Save leads from Social networks to Salesforce CRM

Now this wouldn't be something I'm usually interested in but since I listened toThis Week In Startups, ep 603 w/ Chris Sacca and heard the pitch by May from Lead IQ (around 57 mins in). Their approach is to have people who you view on Linkedin search (for example) and have the list of people available to download to a Google spreadsheet. Now I actually think Copylead is a better way of doing this (providing you have Salesforce) because you can one-click add people to your list and not have to sift through the data in the spreadsheet. My recommendation: Open it up so that it can be connected to other CRM systems or simply to a spreadsheet of the users choosing :) would make it much more powerful! I wonder if @jason or @sacca would have anything to say, especially after seeing the similar pitch recently and Launch incubator being an investor. @il_boudjelthia @tedj_g @mezianehadjadj tell us why Salesforce and do you have plans to open it up?
@bentossell Yup, +1 for opening to other platforms/integrations. Also, a Zapier app would be a nice-to-have :) cc @il_boudjelthia
@zakelfassi @bentossell Thanks a lot for the feedback, the Zapier integration is brilliant idea. Im super eager to learn more from you guys, and the team is thrilled to cook some new updates very soon.
@bentossell ditto, +1 for simple sheets - even a google docs integration would be killer, then we might easily move elsewhere
@passingnotes I see that Google Drive integration is very important to you, thus we are currently discussing to design the best user experience possible for fast, smooth and one click experience to save leads into Google spreadsheet. Wait for a beta version soon, i would be so happy to know how much people would appreciate and use this new feature.
Copylead team is the same team behind a new born CRM app called ioGrow, in our CRM we have this feature to help sales reps get leads or prospects from Social networks profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and more. And whenever we pitch it to CRM users they got impressed and they immediately love this feature as it saves them hours of data entry. Also each one of those people were Salesforce users and they asked us to make this feature available for Salesforce, so they don't make the hassle to switch to another CRM. At first we were confused whether to do it or not, but the fact that data entry from social networks to Salesforce was a huge pain for Salesforce users, we were obliged to solve this pain, and thus Copylead was born. About Copylead and Salesforce only, for now we are targeting a very specific and small niche, which is obviously Salesforce CRM sales reps. But for sure Copylead team is committed to improve and scale based on users feedback and the Google spreadsheet and other CRMs are definitely in our roadmap. Moreover i'll be very glad to receive feedback from Product Hunt users, as they represent the elite Internet users.
+1 to google spread sheet integration
google spread sheet integration is done now, you can use this feature for free now