Organize everything you copy on your iPhone

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Ben Basche
Ben Basche@basche42 · Product @ Multichoice
Isa Ranjha
Isa Ranjha@deleted-106429
@basche42 Thanks, Ben. I made Copyfeed with a simple goal in mind, usefulness without the app getting in the way.
Abdel Ibrahim
Abdel Ibrahim@abdophoto · Investor, Creator of @techhunterco
I've used this app. Love it.
Richard kim
Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
Man I was just thinking of making a keyboard that did this. Great job!
Isa Ranjha
Isa Ranjha@deleted-106429
@cwrichardkim Thanks Richard! A keyboard is on its way!
Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen@spencerchen · VP of Marketing and BD at Alibaba Group
Update: My bad. I didn't have iCloud Drive enabled on my new MacBook Pro. If you have a lot of iDevices, like me, you're gonna have to manually enable iCloud Drive on every device while making sure that Copyfeed is also checked under that setting. As a power user, I don't rely on iCloud much for anything, instead opting for Dropbox, GDrive, et al...that's why I didn't even bother checking it on my new MacBook. Most importantly, it works GREAT! Definitely worth buying! +++ I just bought both the Mac OS and iOS versions. Neither app is syncing what's on the other version's Copyfeed clipboard. I thought that was the entire point of the service. Feelin' a little gypped here 😫