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Copydue provides vetted writers, on-demand for businesses. Users request content, and Copydue's algorithms will find the best writer in their network to take on the job. In a few days, high-quality content is delivered for review. It's that seamless.

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"There are various on-demand content subscription models that provide low-quality content and take advantage of a strict monthly model where unused words go to waste. Copydue aims to change this. Copydue provides high-quality copywriting from a vetted pool of experienced writers, in an on-demand fashion. After subscribing to a plan, simply place your content request and have your finished piece back in a few days." The Copydue team says what sets them apart from other on-demand content models is: - Proprietary algorithm matching you to writers with experience in your industry. Unlimited revisions for any adjustments needed. - No monthly fees. No taking advantage of your unused monthly quotas. Any words will carry over to the next month. - Jobs can be done in parallel and various subscription plans allow you to flex on your content volume month to month.
Hi everyone. First off, thanks to @nikkielizdemere for supporting our launch! Copydue provides on-demand copywriting for your business, using a vetted pool of high-caliber writers. Simply sign up on a plan that best fits your content needs for a month, access our dashboard and submit your content request. Our algorithms take into account your industry; content type (e.g. social media) and find the best writer suited for the job. They'll create your copy and we send it back to you for review within three days. Need any revisions? It's handled for no extra charge. No more worrying about finding freelancers, negotiating prices, managing revisions, etc. - we handle that all for you. Moreover, unlike other subscription models, if you fail to use your monthly quota, it'll carry over to the next month. Our writers are all native English speakers and normally charge 20-25 cents per word to their clients. By giving them access to a regular pool of work, we leverage economies of scale and a more convenient model that they offer us massive discounts. We pass that discount onto you. We offer your first 1,000 words with a money back guarantee - if you don't like our quality, you get your money back. No questions asked. Though I'm sure you'll love what our writers are able to craft up!
@john_k_thomas This is a great idea. As a writer and editor, finding work is always a matter of finding the right clients and being able to communicate and understand their needs. I definitely think that there’s an open market here to expand on this concept. One thing I would highly suggest looking into is matching people with editorial needs. I’ve found as a writing consultant that one thing people often don’t realize they need is an editor; sometimes when a potential client describes what they need to me, I say! “What you’re really looking for is an editor, not a writer.” This is because the client may have a style they want to continue with, or simply want to up their writing game. As such, the help they are looking for fits better in the editorial column than the writing one. This could be an interesting additional area for you to think about and collect data on. Happy to provide some more direct feedback, ping me! Cool build. 👍
Content writing takes up a huge amount of time for a small team like ours. Can your writing team pivot from technical writing pieces to topics such as Amazon CBA? Also, you mention Native English writers. Are your writers sourced from North America?
@nelson_truong Hi Nelson, thanks for checking us out. To answer your questions: 1) Absolutely, we've got a wide network of writers and each of your requests are evaluated on the format and topic (e.g. Technical piece or blog post on Amazon CBA). Based on this it's routed to a writer that specializes in this domain. Pivoting will be easy for us! 2) Yep, most of our writers are from North America but we do have a few based in the UK.
I ordered 3 articles (800, 1200, and 1300 words respectively) regarding the importance of career frameworks within early stage startups, and how it leads to long term sustained success. I have to say the qualities of the articles were very good and definitely met my expectations. I did ask for a couple of minor revisions so that specific points I wanted to highlight were included and the writers were very attentive. They provided the requested changes within 48 hours. Overall, no issues so far and the team at Copydue has definitely met my expectations.
Hi, this seems great! Just asking the question: can you hook us up with let's say a first year promotion?
@leowood69869720 Hi Leo, would a 10% forever discount work? Shoot us a message on live-chat and we'll make it happen 😃