Simple, efficient clipboard manager for your Mac

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this mac app is such a time saver. im always copy/pasting text from one window to another. copyclip saves a history of my most previous copied texts. i also use it right before i submit a long web form just in case the page times out and i lose all my progress.
@benhoffman_ If you use Chrome you might want to check out the Lazarus: Form Recovery extension to save web forms:
@benhoffman_ @joefarish Lazarus has seriously saved my life so many times. I literally just recommended it to a friend not but 30 minutes ago after he lost 30 minutes of work
If this app had a way to add a shortcut to trigger it (say Control+Command+V), it would be just perfect for programmers.
I use Alfred for this - which also does a tonne of other things.
I use Jumpcut, an open source Clipboard tool for Mac. And the best part is, it works with Dark mode too. CopyClip doesn't seem to do that for some reason.
Handy utility! I use it too.