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A hype-free, BS-free content marketing podcast

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Copy Weekly is a bullshit-free content marketing podcast, featuring in-depth interviews with practitioners on the front lines of the top companies in the most competitive spaces on the interwebs.
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Ken Savage
Ken Savage@kensavage · Founder of Automation88
Are you open to suggestion on copywriters to interview @fixcourse ?
Brad Smith
Brad SmithMaker@fixcourse
@kensavage Yes, of course! Who'd you have in mind?
Brittany Berger
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
Had the pleasure of doing an interview for Copy Weekly and it was one of the best convos I've had about copy and content. Brad's a fantastic host who can pull the interesting you info you want out of an interviewee. :)
AndraZaharia@andrazaharia · Content marketer, Infosec lover
@thatbberg Delighted to have had the same experience and super excited to hear your thoughts, Brittany! Couldn't agree more with your take on Brad's approach and work!