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⬆️ Upvote if you've ever forgotten a password or abandoned a signup form! Copper is a service for developers who want a seamless, always-improving signup and signin flow in their websites and iOS apps. We remove friction so more people become and remain users, while makers ship faster and maintain less code. Give Copper a try, create an app if you are developer, and share your reaction, please 🙌. 🗣 to @gwil, @erondu, @keesan, @sandofsky, @verbagetruck and @jeremygoldbrg for making a hell of a team.
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@dougw love the idea but found two very annoying bugs... the first i can't enter the numbers with the number pad on my keyboard, the second bug reduces the size of the popup as I enter each character on my email. Also I'm in The Netherlands and it works here :)
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@davidiwanow thanks. what type of device, OS and browser? We'll take a look.
@dougw ah windows 10 machine in Chrome
@davidiwanow thank ya. stand by.
How is this different from Digits?
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@rueter I second the question
@rueter I'm curious as well.
sounds pretty cool. may somebody from the copper team walk me through the szenario if my phone is stolen. maybe from my own standpoint as well as from a thiefs perpective. thanks.
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@gopietz not copper team but this is probably one of the first things you want to do even if you have/don't have copper: get hold of your phone company, tell them to block the sim-card / phone and issue a new sim-card to you (with your existing number).
@gopietz if your phone is stolen, and you aren't protecting your phone with a password or Touch ID, then you are going to have problems with a service like Copper, which uses your exclusive access to your text messages to verify your identity. But then again, if you haven't locked your phone, a bad actor would presumably have access to your apps, and your email which can be used to reset passwords on nearly every account. So we're counting on people locking their phone, which is happening more and more, as people understand the risk of not doing so. All that being said, SMS has many issues which we recognize, and we will move away from it, but the ubiquity is too hard to ignore for now.
@dougw thank you for the reply. Lets say the phone is locked and the thief has access to the phone number. (Im not sure if an attacker could identify the phone number from a locked phone) wouldn't that also be a problem since the lock screen shows the texts? Also, how could I log in while my phone is gone? It takes some time until my provider can send me another sim card.
@gopietz if you lose the keys to your house with address attached, that's a problem. Similarly, if you leave your phone unlocked or messages visible without unlocking, then you've left yourself open to a similar risk on the digital side. Most people lock their devices and messages now as our phones become central command for our lives, and we're leaning into that trend. All that said, there are some obvious things like backups in the event of a lost phone, and ameliorating some of the security and deliverability issues with SMS that we'll get to in short order.
@dougw The problem here I think is that for copper, even if my phone is locked and everything, a thief can still take out the SIM card and put it into another phone, access the phone number and then everything else. Apps are tied to a device, but phone numbers are tied to SIM cards. Another (minor) issue is international travel.
Hi! While it looks fantastic, it feels a bit like Digits or identity management by Twilio. Would love to try out Cooper as well, but are there any benefits to using Cooper over Digits or Twilio?
@ihatedotpink I am a digits user myself. The reason why I am excited about copper is the potential for branding. Digits is all free which is nice but my users receive texts that say "...fron Digits by Twitter" when I would rather keep that out. Keep the service simple. It's solving a simple problem.
@levibostian fair enough! 😆 If they now would allow me to store phone numbers as well, my current workload would be reduced by almost 60% 😂
@ihatedotpink Digits does allow you to store the phone numbers. When the user logs in successfully, you are given a Digits ID which identifies a user in your system and it gives you a phone number.
@levibostian @ihatedotpink you should have seen our first versions, totally Copper branded. But we've listened and learned and have fought hard to pull all of that back because we heard that makers want to offer a great experience for the people they serve. We want makers to see what we're doing as an off-the-shelf solution to a problem common to many apps, how do we register and authenticate users, which means this trend will continue.
@ihatedotpink @levibostian you can store phone numbers, and any information you ask for from the user. Just be sure to add 'phone' as one of the items you ask for and it will be returned when the user completes the auth.
@lajlev I am from the UK, with a UK mobile number and could use it just fine, with my international code at the start (44)
@lajlev Seems to work for me with a NL number (31)
@lajlev works fine for South African #s too
@lajlev Worked on my UK number :)
@lajlev for real? So disappointed that I can't try it :(