Copy and paste layers in Photoshop using shortcuts

Copio is a simple Photoshop extension allowing you to copy and paste layers using shortcuts. No weird tricks needed anymore!

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Hey! I'm the maker of Copio. If you have any questions, let me know!
Amazing! I wish it would paste in the center of the viewport (i believe right now it retains the original X,Y position). Thank you so much!
Thanks so much for the script, super helpful!
Sorry but i don't understand why i must use this if Photoshop have custom shortcats which i used. And copy layer in Photoshop easy to use with ctr+l.
@dimablover Copio lets you copy and paste layers between documents with shortcuts. I don't think it's possible in Photoshop out of the box.
@lukaszmtw I might be mistaken but I suppose it's possible. Look in screen:
@dimablover But you must manually select destination here. With our plugin you have two shortcuts: for copying and for pasting, which works better in my opinion.
@lukaszmtw ha-ha. Maybe for somebody it would be helpful. But i'm sure that Photoshop shortcats are better way of customization personal workspace.
@dimablover Our plugin add two scripts for Photoshop and you can assign (in the same menu as your screenshot) your own shortcuts. You can try it yourself, it's free ;)