Copies 2

Yet another clipboard tool, works in a web browser too.

Copies is a simple clipboard tool powered by iCloud, works on apple devices of course, and the web browsers too πŸ˜„

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Hmm, we've just submitted an update (2.0.3) to address a bug in iOS version, which may cause cloud sync not working for other versions. Thank you guys for reporting the issues to us! So before the update arrives, you can simply using the mac app to enable cloud sync. Of course the mac app is free on the app store []
New version is online now πŸŽ‰
Great job !! Any extension for chrome or windows 10?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! There's no plan for extensions now, the web version uses cloudkitjs [] and clipboardjs [] which works great on modern browsers :D
How many clips can it save? I currently use FlyCut which saves 99 clippings.
@iamdeveloper We limit copies content by creation date, now it is recent three months.