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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2015
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Copass is basically Coworking on steroids. It allows anyone to access a global network of 300+ coworking spaces (and counting) with one single membersip. It even lets people see who can host them at their flat so you can connect to local coworkers, be hosted by one of them and work from anywhere on earth.
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When community members 'only go to' the coworking spaces listed in the community, then you have a great service on your hands. This is the best coworking platform out there, it's great. All the information you need and you can meet with the right people even when you'e not acquainted with the local community.
Feel free to ask us any question!
@aug_riedinger great stuff. Heading to the East Coast to visit partners and was just looking into spaces. nothing seemed to fit my 1-3 week need. Good to see something like this.
@cedfunches Do not hesitate to be in touch with us once there, we could make personal suggestions or contact spaces that would not have joined the network yet.
@aug_riedinger This is so kick-ass! Quick question regarding how VAT is handled in the EU. I've added my danish VAT number to my profile. Are the prices that show up with or without VAT? Will use at spaces in the EU be charged without VAT? I hope they are, if not some government are getting a chunk of my money that they shouldn't have. I looked in the FAQ but couldn't find anything.
@aug_riedinger @kjemperud all prices that show up on the space page include VAT. Coworking spaces are considered locl services so should always include VAT. There is no way to avoid it even within the EU :( . We really explored the question but that's how we have to do right now.
Love the idea, it's like ClassPass for fitness, but for coworking!
@simpleasthat_ Cool that you like it ! Don't hesitate if you have any question. This producthunt was totally unexpected and we have to increase the number of spaces in the USA. Anyway : if you wanna go anywhere we don't have spaces, just ask us and we usually find one for you !
This is really cool. I hope some spaces get added in Des Moines :)
@jkent2910 We'll look into that ! As I said to Marina, whenever you need a space somewhere let us know and we'll try to find a cool one for you. It usually works :)