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Will Wright — Front End Developer @Clazzoo
@matthewtwhuang Is there no option to login/signup without Facebook? I don't use (or trust) Facebook, but would love to have a better look at Coop…
Matthew TW Huang — Tech Lover, Engineer
Hi @williamwright!

Sorry, there currently no option to login/signup without Facebook right now. It is something we plan on adding in the future. I understand you don't use Facebook for various reasons, but I wrote a quick post on why we use Facebook:
Will Wright — Front End Developer @Clazzoo
@matthewtwhuang No worries, thanks! Congrats on the launch!
tom littrell — Television Host at LCTV
How is this different from Meetup?
Matthew TW Huang — Tech Lover, Engineer
@tomlittrell Good question.

The major difference is that you won't see any activities that don't fit your age and gender. Also, you are given the option to restrict certain ages and genders to your plans. This will mean you don't have to sort through all activities that you wouldn't fit in. This can be a bad thing for our user's experience as well; they may assume that there aren't users actively using Coop if there aren't any plans on their screen, but it may be the plans in the area are full or just don't apply to that user. (We're coming up with ways of combating that)

MeetUp requires organizers to plan events. Coop allows anyone to create plans; we hope this will allow for more casual/regularly held plans. We want our users to be in situations in which they are most comfortable. MeetUp charges $10-$15/month for each group as well.
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