Coolors for iOS

Super-fast color scheme generator for cool designers

Coolors (the initial web version), is one of the most upvoted products on PH, in part because of its simplicity and execution (we also have many designers on PH). The app looks good, too, but this product is more useful on the computer, imo.
@rrhoover Thanks! The app comes with the same features as the web version at its first release. If the mobile version will be successful I'll certainly add all the other functionalities. It's like and experiment :)
How did I miss this update? @_fbrz Jump in here when you get a chance.
@erictwillis I alerted you on twitter about the app! ;)
@_fbrz I remember now. I saw it at like 6am this morning but the link didn't work for me.. went back to sleep and completely forgot about the notification. Darn! I have an emotional attachment to Coolors because of the first "hunt". It should be with me!! haha