Create a 'coming soon' website for your indie game

@ninaki_limpi Can you link to a sample page from the home page? Is an example?
@joostschuur Thank you for asking! is one created by a user and this is a demo http://my-awesome-game.coolgamer... we created as a sample. No, the Evil Spirits website was created before CoolGamer and that was were we got the idea actually. We were already working on a website creator and decided to make a minimal free product for indie game developers as fast as we could.
Hi, I am Katerina and although we didn't expect to get hunted (thank you @razkarmi), we made CoolGamer to provide a free and solid website for indie developers! The whole idea is to set up a coming soon website in minutes, where your players can enter their emails to get notified, you can create a Press Kit that gives journalists a quick but complete overview, upload screenshots, embed trailers and create short profiles of the people who are working on the game. Oh and it's free! :-) I am happy to answer any questions and want to thank @anges244 for coding it!
I use Carrd for setting up quick, beautiful pages like this Would be great to see examples of pages made with Cool Gamer and also a feature list. EDIT: I found some examples while checking out their Twitter feed Also why does it require a login with Twitter? (which includes the higher level of access)
@bentossell Hi Ben, CoolGamer was a quick release to solve the need for a free minimum website for indie game devs. We had to use this permission set to get the verified email, to save the users the trouble to enter manually their emails and ourselves the trouble to code an email verification system. We certainly won't post on your feed and you can revoke access at any time so that shouldn't be a problem.
@anges244 ok gotcha. maybe give the option for email manual input too? Yeah its a shame twitter doesnt offer the ability to tweak access points like that but instead makes you request all access
@bentossell Yes, it's rather aggressive to ask for so much but we had to shave off as many hours of coding as we could, otherwise it would take too long to release... I think the revoke access option is protecting the users so they don't have to worry about this...