Know when apps get power hungry

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It's funny how all of their screenshots focus only on Google Chrome. Google should really do something about this Chrome memory hog lest it should become an ongoing joke akin to Internet Explorer.
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@saifalfalah slack is joining the ranks on hogging memory too!
@hgsigala No wonder because Slack runs on Chromium.
@saifalfalah I actually opened this link on the Mac Product Hunt notification thinking that it will have some sort of a resolution towards Chrome's memory hog problem haha. I seriously don't want to shift to Safari. I work cross platforms and having chrome gives me a continuity across all devices :(
Seems cool but pretty sure this ain't worth 9.99USD though.
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@thibmaekelbergh Seriously not. I would consider a dollar or two. 10 dollars is too much.
@saifalfalah @thibmaekelbergh They're probably make more doing open source and asking for donations
10 bucks for this? You got the pricing wrong, mate. :/
Ain't worth $9.99 I would prefer to check Activity Monitor's Energy section
Usually I get notified when my computer fan turns on, then I check activity monitor. Could be useful if you have headphones on, but I agree with others, $10 is really high.