Managed Event Based Data Warehouse on the Cloud

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We would like to introduce to you the next of generation of BI – Meet Behavioral Analytics by CoolaData. CoolaData brings a complete behavioral analytics solution to any online company that finds understanding online user behavior valuable for business growth– that’s about all ecommerce, gaming companies, content providers, publishers and even IoT companies! By implementing CoolaData, Big Data becomes Cool! With CoolaData you will boost your BI agility and gain immediate insights. CoolaData is a cloud based solution that covers all big data infrastructure components from data tracking, warehousing, ETL, and data enrichment – all the way to the visualization layer. Cooldata is an open data service that is not limited to proprietary tools that connects to your data from all your data points. We unify your data, from external and internal sources, inspect it as one unit, then visualize it to get the most comprehensive business insights. CoolaData helps you analyze, visualize, predict and act on your data, without dedicated resources. We crunch, enrich, and if you wish, even share reports with partners using the partners portal. Just imagine how all the data you’ve been collecting will start to make sense, with out-of the-box, advanced analytical reports such as time series path analysis, cohort analysis and multidimensional funnel analysis. You can easily query behavioral functions to get a sharp picture of your wins and faults. With CoolaData - The way to optimization and growth is the shortest. Learn more about us, visit and sign up for a private demo.
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Looks quite interesting! :)
Haven't heard about Cooldata. There are so many things I am not aware of. Oh! my god, there are so much to learn. Analysis and reporting are very important things to have because these help grow business further. Behavioral analytics is something very important for business in this competitive age.
This looks great! The interface looks really simple and well-designed, perfect for small biz clients I work with. Always recommend that any business serious about their website track data and use something like this to analyze. Only sad that the prices aren't announced. I rather hate the demo request model, but very curious to see where this goes.
It's nice to see an option that promises to fit the budget for small business owners while still providing a solid platform to manage their data. I think many more people are starting to realize the importance of data collection and analysis, but so many of the big tools are way out of budget for small business owners. If the cost on this is manageable, no doubt it'll be a great asset to any company.