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If you know the COOL HUNTING Gift Guide—a year-round resource for giving yourself and your friends considered gifts—you love its range of unknown, eclectic and hard-to-find stuff. For this year’s holiday season we’re leveraging our knowledge, network and taste to create a package of incredible things, just for you. Who are you? You’re clever, curious, design savvy and in-the-know. You think early adopters are actually late to the game. Your friends and family expect you to give the best gifts and when you shop you can’t help but get great stuff for yourself, too. Subscription boxes aren’t new or novel, but they work because everyone loves a surprise. In theory. A good surprise can only come from a trusted source. WHAT IS IT? WHAT’S IN IT? COOL HUNTING Omakase taps into the relationships we've developed with brands and creators over the last 13 years. It’s a mix of never seen before, limited edition, not yet available or collaboratively designed things that are exclusive to COOL HUNTING and tailored for you. It comes in three levels: $1,000 / $10,000 / $100,000. The higher levels have a more personal touch to ensure you’re getting great stuff and the top tier puts the COOL HUNTING team at your service to help craft unique, bespoke products and experiences. WHEN DO I ORDER? WHEN DO I GET IT? Order before July 1st. The Omakase arrives in early November, so you’ll have time to figure out what you want to gift, what you want to keep, and what you want to buy more of—we'll have stock on some (but not all) of the items. Why buy so soon? Given the number of custom products involved and the limited quantities available of other items and our desire to get this to you in early November we need to secure commitments now. WHO IS COOL HUNTING? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Since 2003 COOL HUNTING has created original content that inspires the creative and the curious. Our audience comes to us to discover new things and buys the stuff we write about. We’ve collaboratively designed dozens of products over the years and our holiday gift guides have become an invaluable tool for those who want to gift special things. COOL HUNTING Omakase brings this all together in one tidy package.
This is genius! I'm doing an email blast this week. Can you clarify how many different items there will be in the box and how affordable the individual items will be?
@kenhertz Thanks! There will be 5-15 things in the box. Once you order we will survey you to get a fee for what's going to be best to put in YOUR box. One of those questions is whether you think "less is more" or "more is better." Regardless, the total retail value of the items will exceed the purchase price of the box.
Nice, @joshrubin. How do you decide what to feature on COOL HUNTING?
@rrhoover Thanks! COOL HUNTING is all about creativity and innovation. Our stories range from studio visit features with designers or artists making great work to new product reviews in our READ section, a new song every day in the LISTEN section, a summary of creative news from around the web in the LINK section, city guides in our TRAVEL section and product recommendations in the BUY section. It's that last one that is where our Omakase project comes from. We create gift guides from items in the BUY section and we also have made many COOL HUNTING Edition products to sell during the holidays in the past. This year we're bringing it all together in our box of surprise, exclusive things tailored for each customer.
I have no doubt someone orders the $100k but it seems a little prohibitively high. Why the specific $$ levels? Was part of the goal exclusivity?
@tylerh At the $100k level we basically become your personal shopper and travel planner helping to find the most perfect gifts and otherwise unattainable experiences. Servicing this level will be super fun for us, but is also very labor intensive so the pricing is to ensure we deliver on our promise. We will only have capacity to handle a few orders at this level so the price also works as a filter. We originally started with only the $1k level, but then realized that we can do some incredible things with higher budgets which is why we added in the $10k and $100k tiers. Plus we love the powers of ten and believe that we can increase the value of what we do at each level by orders of magnitude.
@joshrubin @tylerh have you gotten anyone convert at 100k yet?
@jasonhitchcock we've had multiple $10k orders but no $100k yet...
This was a wonderful idea. @JoshRubin, would you be up for a text-based interview re: your thought process for this product? I'd post it to my blog. Let me know!
@web thanks! And yes, would love to do an interview with you.