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Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Cookly is a marketplace for culinary activities. The mission is to enrich the way people experience food & culture by letting them embark on a culinary adventure. Launching with more than 70 classes offered across Thailand, Vietnam & Bali, and a lot more locations to come! Put your chef hat on and cook the world!
Ben Ozsanay
Ben OzsanayMaker@ozinion · Co-Founder & CEO of Cookly
Thanks a lot for the hunt! I'm really glad to finally see our website live and be able to share it with everyone! We are starting with cooking classes in South East Asia, which is globally known as a culinary hotspot! We'll expand at fast pace in other markets, including Australia, Europe and the Americas. This means that we’ll not only be present in exotic tourist destinations, but also in local metropolitan markets, where we want to establish a 'new' cultural and fun activity. We will also be providing a larger variety of culinary activities such as wine tastings, food tours, mixology classes and many more. Looking forward to your comments!
Orlando Lieberum
Orlando Lieberum@orlando_lieberum · COO of Nearest!
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