Quick and easy way to find video recipes

Cookfood is a quick and easy way to discover and watch video recipes from all over the globe..
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There should be an additional tab for filtering accroding to diet and also a macro/micro information should be provided.


The idea, design, and simplicty


There is no option for keto, paleo diets No macro or micro information regarding nutrition facts

This looks great!
Nice idea however a diet tab should be added. We should be selecting vegeterian, vegan, keto, paleo etc. I'm on keto and I would like to filter the meals that will fit into my plan plus I would like to learn all macros (and if possible micros, too)

amazing to find so many african cusine in the platform


- straightforward with powerful filters - avoid searching ocean of recipe on YouTube - understand cuisine around the world


- pagination is lame (consider load more or infinite scroll) - filters are not sticky on top - multiple selection is not allowed

Would love to know how they're structuring recipe data!