Photo recipes by chefs and foodies.

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Gerardo Díaz Polaino
Gerardo Díaz Polaino@gerardodp · Bootstrapping
I love Cookbooth; it is a is beautifully designed app and website. You can learn from great chefs and foodies with step by step photo recipes or document and share your own recipes.
Solene Maître
Solene Maître@solenema · PM @applydia
This is very nice UI! Are the makers around?
Malwine Steinbock
Malwine SteinbockMaker@miabarcelona · Cofounder + CEO Cookbooth
thanks @solenema ! we are a team of chefs, engineers and advertisers and we have a passion for good food and beautiful design. The design is made in Barcelona. :)
Malwine Steinbock
Malwine SteinbockMaker@miabarcelona · Cofounder + CEO Cookbooth
Cookbooth is the story of food lovers from different disciplines teaming up with a high gastronomy chef to create a universal tool that helps chefs and foodies document and share their step-by-step photo recipes. We promote users, kitchens and products. For chefs it's a professional recipe management tool and foodies can upload their own recipes, connect with creators and learn the tricks of the trade. We are already working with great chefs, restaurants, brands and cooking schools in Barcelona, London and Chicago and help them document their knowledge and promote their businesses. We are also selling selected products through the recipes. And we have applied to 500 startups to take Cookbooth from London and Barcelona to the Valley. I hope someone sees us here today, it’s such a blast to get exposure to this great community ☺ Looking forward to your comments and thoughts!
Özgür Alaz
Özgür Alaz@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
@miabarcelona Is cookbooth alive?
Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
Nice design and looking forward to looking for new recipes to try.