All in one recipe manager

Cookbook is a fully fledged recipe manager that is designed to make cooking a much more pleasant experience.
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I'd love to see this on iphone. I'm cooking more recently and would love a place to have all my recipes in one space.
@krupali_patel Supporting ios is next on the list, should have it ready soon.
I came up with the idea while cooking some churros and having to hassle between instructions, ingredients, and timer app. So I just made an app that made everything simpler and more convenient.
I think this is really cool. There are many cooking apps out there. The issue is many try to keep you within the app and make it hard to "import" recipes you find online. It would be interesting to have that import function that also allows embedded videos, as you know even on Intsagram there are mini-videos with instructions below it - and having some way to import them would be great.
This is great! Would love to try it out once it’s on iOS. The rev shares are shit (like 1%) but if you can drive new customers you could generate decent revenue by making the recipes shoppable via online grocery. There are several aggregator services / apis for making recipes shoppable like Whisk, Chicory, and Myxx - not sure if you’ve already explored that. A lot more people are cooking at home now so this is also super timely!
@evomoore Thanks for the tip will keep it in mind