Cook Magic

Text your ingredients. Eat delicious recipes.

#4 Product of the WeekApril 28, 2020
Cook magic makes finding great recipes as simple as texting. Simply text your top ingredients you want to cook with and receive delicious meal recommendations in seconds.
It's like an always-on personal chef, with no-app, no download. Just text 415-634-2399.
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20 Reviews4.5/5
While my cooking skills have increased throughout COVID, my ability to figure out what I can eat with ingredients laying around my house has not improved. Enter this clever product that allows you to text your ingredients and get back recipes. I've been using it for the last few days and it works like a virtual assistant to help me make my next meal. Sometimes recipes can be hit or miss but overall I've had a great experience! Great job, Cook Magic :)
I love that I can just text my ingredients laying around my house. During this pandemic as I run out of groceries or look for new inspiration, its tough to find recipes that have my ingredients so texting is really convenient.
Hi! The product seems great! I'm living in Europe is there a way for me to use it? Do you plan on adding a European number as well? Also, there are no TOS on your website, I think it's missing as well as a proper note on how personal data is handled. Congrats anyway!
And also maybe tell people under the number that some fees might apply depending on their mobile subscription. Sorry for the double post :x
@jean_baptiste_bellande This is great feedback the automated message has been updated as per the founder!
@jean_baptiste_bellande Indeed European support is incoming post Product Hunt! All SMS are opt-in and data is never shared. ToS will be updated. Great feedback and excellent catches.
@alexanderhaque Thank you for your kind words! I'm not English fluent so I didn't want to sound rude, happy to see that my message has been heard loud and clear =) Keep up the good work! What kind of tech is behind your service if I could ask?
@jean_baptiste_bellande T'inquiète. Je suis aussi francophone (Québec) ;) Nous utilisons - c'est un produit de Samsung pour le backend et Twilio est notre point de connection API. Merci encore dee nous avoir écrit. On fait un mise à jour sur le site web.
I just tried Cook Magic and got some great recipes. Texting is a super convenient way for me to get recommendations without needing to go online and hunt for what I want to make for dinner
no-app, no download but require American phone 😫 making me curious. looking forward to be inclusive.
@yellingbytes What region are you in>?
@yellingbytes We are rolling out support for Europe soon stay tuned! We think SMS is one of the most inclusive formats out there but it definitely has its regional limitations based on telcos and such...we're working with what we've got!
@alexanderhaque thx for the update! looking forward to giving it a go