Coohom for iPad

Design & visualize your dream home, now on iPad

Coohom for iPad is a cloud-based interior design platform that lets you create high quality

3D floor plans, create 4K renders, or step into designs with AR and VR.

  • Yanjie
    YanjieIt's too good to be a hunter.

    Works smoothly. Can virtually walk through the house using screen touch controller. Amazing & super-fast rendering!


    Maybe more pre-installed projects?

    Easy-to-use, 1-click 2D to 3D plan. It can create serious design in a fun way. :)

    Yanjie has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    this is super easy to use. you can use AI to draw the floor plan. the model collection is really model styled.


    can't think too much but keep up the speed to bring more beautiful models

    thank you!

    Toby has used this product for one month.
Hey PH 👋 , Kareem from the Coohom team here. Coohom for iPad is our high-speed and easy-to-use interior design application brought to the power of the iPad. We build Coohom for the homeowners 🏠 and interior designers 🎨 who are frustrated at not being able to realistically visualize their space. With Coohom for iPad, we allow this experience on-the-go. Fortunately, for our PH folks, if you put your account down on this list here ( we’ll be sure to give you one month to our pro subscription for free ($30 value) 🤩. This means you can render in 4K, our highest quality. If you have any feedback, please share, our team would love to hear it!
Home design and decorating is one of the use cases for which AR makes a ton of sense to me, and it's one of very few I've had 'normals' tell me they've used. Been playing around with this (just bought a house so perfect timing) and it's pretty slick.
excellent program.. easy to use... 5 stars
Designed my condo and shop using it, easy to use, best in the market.